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More Carers Breaks sessions 2013

Story-making and Drama

Learn how to make an effective story in a quick and fool-proof way. Everyone has imagination and this will be encouraged as we create characters and plot and bring them to life through a range of drama techniques.        Friday Sep 13th 1-4pm  (booking now)                            Friday 7th March 2014 (TBC)

Clowning around! 

We all have a clown inside us! This is fun-filled afternoon of drama, games and silliness - you don't have to be 'funny', just ready to take part and have a giggle with the group. ‘Laughter is the best medicine’ 

Friday  15th November 1-4pm (TBC)

Movement and relaxation

Learn some relaxation skills and engage in movement to a wide range of music. No steps to learn just an easy way to exercise and de-stress through moving.                        Friday Jan 10th 2014 1-4pm (TBC)

Sessions are held at Deda, Chapel Street, Derby.

For more information about the sessions contact Jen on 07713 643598 info@storymoves.co.uk

For bookings contact Rashpal at Wellbeing Works on 01332 226811 info@wellbeing works.org

Posted on 03 Jan 2013